RCS Wood Crafters, LLC guarantees top quality custom woodwork, efficiency, optimal service and a great experience straight from the source. RCS specializes in timeless kitchens, libraries, walk-in closets, man caves, media rooms as well as your entire home’s millwork including interior doors, wainscoting, coffered ceilings and mouldings. RCS assembles and displays each unique piece in its 16,300 square foot facility for the client’s review before it is dismantled, installed and finished at its final destination.


RCS's ultimate goal is to efficiently create your timeless pieces using the finest materials and the best workmanship to ensure we always exceed your expectations. 

What We Do

Upon client’s approval, RCS works diligently to measure and cut the raw wood into appropriate size(s) according to plans. When all the pieces have been cut, RCS assembles the pieces at our 16,000+ square foot warehouse and notifies the client to have them view their timeless pieces prior to the finish.
RCS sands the piece by hand using a sanding block for smaller pieces or an electric sander for larger pieces. For handcrafted designs in the wood, RCS removes outer layers of wood pieces by carving or scraping the surface. The surface is then smoothed by a technique called planing.
Before RCS applies several coats of either high quality paint, lacquer, varnish, etc., the wood is protected and beautified with stains and/or bleaches to bring out the natural grain. The wood is then polished or buffed with a rough surface material to bring out the shine, according to client’s specifications.
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